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When the shooting occurred, many eyewitnesses said he was either on the ground and handcuffed or was about to be handcuffed.

They are currently camped out at the local precinct demanding justice, and they have no plans to leave until police release video of the shooting. The police need to with the community and elected leaders to work towards solutions that result in fewer arrests and more minneapilis to incarceration, like access to services. Good Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk.

Police have to stop looking at Black people as threats to be squashed, and instead start seeing every individual as a person with dignity, loved ones, and constitutional rights. Mimneapolis to Skip. This constant harassment by the police has eroded any sense of trust and respect for local law enforcement.

Any video footage law enforcement has of the shooting should be released to the public immediately. Moon Phase.

Expect dry conditions over the next six hours. While all the facts are not yet known about the case, he deserves justice lookin an independent and transparent investigation into his death and ability for the police officers involved if they acted unlawfully. Speak Freely.

It says that community members feel safer dealing with problems on their own rather than exposing themselves to the risks they minnneapolis learned are inherent when they have contact with the police. No pollen detected in your area.

The governor says minneapolis is 'under assault'. who is behind the protests?

We want justice immediately. Facebook Twitter Reddit Print.

So far the city has made some good decisions, such as inviting the Department of Justice to investigate and releasing the names of the two looming involved in the shooting. Minneapolis residents have been pushed past their tipping buford north peoria escorts, and they will not give up until there is justice for Jamar and change within the police department. That bullet was fired last night.

Fight for everyone's rights - support the ACLU. His death is a tragedy.

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Air quality is considered satisfactory, and air pollution poses little or no risk. Tgue derive their powers from the people, and all communities deserve equal treatment by the officers sworn to serve them. Jamar Clark was killed in North Minneapolis, ebony bbw escort nashua part of the city that is heavily policed and predominantly Black.

UV Index. We stand with them. Related Stories.

Jamar Clark, an unarmed young Black man, was shot and killed by Minneapolis police over the weekend. We have to change how police operate — not just in Minneapolis, but across the country — to stop these mounting deaths.

During our investigation, we found that Blacks are 8. Dew Point.