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The UVMCC and its webmasters make no warranty or assurance of accuracy for any claims listed on these pages. The UVMCC and its webmasters assume no responsibility in any way for any disappointments encountered by anyone as a result of following leads on this site. Listings or links on or from this site should not be construed as endorsements in any way. Caveat Emptor! Final determination of condition, price, location, validity of title or ownership, fitness for intended use, or even actual existence rests solely with the seller and the prospective buyer. Contact the seller for better estimate, evaluate the vehicle in person, and check for clear title before committing any funds to ANY purchase of ANY vehicle at ANY time! Decisions on viewing trips should be made on the basis of contact with the seller.   

1967 UltraVan #268 (San Diego, CA) – #3,000 or best offer
UltraVan #268 is equipped with roof air conditioner, front spare tire mount, trailer hitch, and custom wheels. Windshields are in good usable condition. The van has been parked for approximately 35 years, and does not currently run. This was my father’s van and I am not sure what the reason was for parking it and letting it sit. My father loved this van and kept it with an eye towards fixing it up and getting it back out on the road someday. Unfortunately, he recently passed. This van is something special, it holds lots of great memories for me and my family. We want to see it sold to someone who has the ability and patience to make it shine again.
The van has clear title. The van is a project but I believe the engine and interiors to be intact.
The interior of the van has been used for storage. Only the UltraVan and its original contents are included in the purchase price. The additional corvair pieces and parts inside the van are excluded.

Parting Out Coach #322
Parting out 1968 UltraVan #322 – $1,000 (Duluth, MN)Engine is a 140 Corvair, odometer reads 31k. White paneling. Damage to roof in front and in rear.Gary Anderson UV420 has inspected this unit and is willing to answer questions at 507-209-2084. The salvage yard told Gary they would take $1,000 for what is left of the coach.UltraVan emblems, headlight bezels, and window screens are already gone.More pictures to follow.
Seller: Chesney Auto Salvage
Location: Duluth, MN
Phone: 218-721-4874 or 800-826-2941

1968 Ultra Van #350 – $14,500 (Monteagle, TN)With much regret I am offering up UltraVan 350 for sale. Circumstances beyond my control have forced me to this decision. I have owned it 21 years.In many respects it is one of the best coaches in the club, in the top 6 or 7 I would guess. But there at things that may not be someone’s cup of tea. For instance, the interior has basically been stripped to act as hauler of commercial goods for the last decade or so. But that can also serve as the perfect start for you to do the interior you want.It will include a complete extra set of engine, differential and transmission. The two separate power trains have over $4K invested in each of them. Will also include many NOS Corvair and Ultra spares, to include windshields.Update April 2016: At this point there are some odds and ends that need done, to get it roadworthy. It has mostly sat the last few years (under cover!) so I would need a few days to get it where it needs to be. Drivers mirror glass is broke, the dash is out, my ceiling cover did not last as expected :^( nothing major, but needs done. Current price is $14,500Would consider trades of firearms or some sort of late model vehicle.The coach is located in Monteagle, TN
Seller: Scott Pilkington
Location: Monteagle, TN
Phone: 423-774-6070

1967 Ultra Van #386 – $500 (Indianapolis, IN)#386 was restored and converted to late-model Toronado V6 power, before the barn fell on it and crunched its back. It’s been sitting quite a while now but it should be all there. The original Corvair engine will also be included in the sale.
Seller: Tom Allison
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 765-345-5561

1968 Ultra Van #391 – $35,000 (Jackson, MI)
Seller: Tony Secreto
Location: Jackson, MI
Phone: 517-764-7370

Coach #467 For Sale
1969 Ultra Van #467 (LaGrange, OH)This FWD diesel powered UltraVan is equipped with a front mounted 350 V8 diesel engine (from a 1980 Cadillac Seville), which drives the front wheels through a Toronado drivetrain. For information, contact Ray Dute after 4PM at 440-522-2241.

Agent: Ray Dute
Location: LaGrange, OH
Phone: 440-522-2241 (after 4 PM)

1970 UltraVan #552 – $5,000 (Vista, CA)307 cu. in. Chevy V8 engine, with rare factory power brakes.
Seller: Rick Van Over
Location: Vista, CA
Phone: 760-705-5977


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